Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Business Consulting Bureau was founded to provide consulting and debt collection service to Polish and West European companies running business in Poland and Eastern Europe.


Our advisory services offered in business run in Poland include:

  • adjustment of the legal status of real estate,
  • purchase of real estate,
  • the determination and transformation of the legal status of real estate,
  • inheritance and re-privatization law

We draft civil law contracts, provide mediation in business negotiations, including talks between Polish and international partners, we issue legal opinions, represent clients in legal proceedings connected with contractual obligations. In addition, we offer advice and full legal assistance in terms of contracts and statutes, representation in registration court, as well as in the bankruptcy and composition proceedings. Likewise, in terms of the labor law, tax law, etc., we provide full scope of legal assistance, in particular drafting the employment and service contracts, competition ban contracts and broadly understood labor relationship agreements, work regulations, remuneration and other internal matters of the company. We represent the entrepreneurs in labor courts and act on their behalf vis a vis the employment authorities. Our legal expertise, property experience, knowledge of the local market, and international perspective will be employed at the investor's service to obtain outstanding value from the residential property investment in Poland. Our collaboration with the chartered auditors broadens our offer to include comprehensive tax advisory services.


We also offer professional, effective debt collection at affordable prices in the territory of Poland, Western and Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

We deal with the following proceedings:

  • arbitration and out-of-court
  • court
  • arbitration pre-execution
  • execution

To place your order, you only need to mail us a copy of documents justifying the debt (copies of invoices, delivery notes, and demands to pay) and signed agreement and the power of attorney to act on your behalf. You do not need to be involved in any further procedures which we carry out on our own.

In co-operation with professional law office we offer complete service in standard, reconciliation and writ court proceedings, and reliable execution with the participation of tested bailiffs. In case no debtor’s assets are found, we ensure immediate issue of ineffective execution statement to book the debt as tax-deductible cost of the debtor’s company.

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