Saturday, August 05, 2006


The Law Office of Mr. Andrzej Philips.
Attorney-at-Law has been operating since 1989 and specialises in legal assistance to business conducting their economic activity in the territory of Poland.
We specialize in the provision of comprehensive and professional legal assistance to businesses. Our clients can avail themselves of a wide range of legal service due to the combined experience of attorney's and legal counsel's practice. We have many years' experience on our own, as well as a track record with other law firms. As we mentioned before, our core business is commercial advice. We offer the entrepreneurs our legal assistance in the following fields:
  • civil law,
  • criminal law,
  • administrative law,
  • business law,
  • commercial law,
  • labor law,
  • family law,
  • tax law.
We draft civil law contracts, provide mediation in business negotiations, including talks between Polish and international partners, we issue legal opinions, represent clients in legal proceedings connected with contractual obligations. We also deal with cases of substantive law (including the determination and transformation of the legal status of real estate) and of inheritance law. In addition, we offer advice and full legal assistance in terms of contracts and statutes, representation in registration court, as well as in the bankruptcy and composition proceedings. Likewise, in terms of the labor law, tax law, etc., we provide full scope of legal assistance, in particular drafting the employment and service contracts , competition ban contracts and broadly understood labor relationship agreements, work regulations, remuneration and other internal matters of the company. We represent the entrepreneurs in labor courts and act on their behalf vis a vis the employment authorities. Our collaboration with the chartered auditors broadens our offer to include comprehensive tax advisory services.
Due to the fact that we have our own team of people and an efficient organization, we are able to customize our service offer, also providing each Client with access to information on the process and result of his pending cases.

We deal with the debt collection in and outside court. We handle the cases in amicable, extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, amicable pre-collection and collection proceedings, irrespective of the debt amount and the degree of the case complexity, which must be emphasized. Such effective and professional service is possible due to our close collaboration, on a regular basis, with the team of lawyers having profound experience and expertise in criminal, civil, business, labor and insurance law. We also avail ourselves of the services of a detective agency which specializes in acquiring and revealing information on the assets and real wealth of the debtors, also outside Poland. We are also working closely together with the efficient bailiffs and other specialized firms throughout Poland. These assets help us commit ourselves to the challenging cases where other collection efforts turned out ineffective. We offer our assistance in collection throughout the Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey, Arabian countries, China, USA and other places.
Mr. Andrzej Philips has been practising law for over 25 years, combining the experience of a judge, a legal counsellor and an attorney. This profound experience supported by his knowledge of foreign languages provides a guarantee of a reliable assistance by virtue of a power of attorney granted.
Mr. Philips' Law Office has been in close co-operation with numerous Attorney's Offices and Notaries, as well as consulting companies all over the country and abroad (mainly Germany), which results in swift and comprehensive services requested by the client.

European Arbitration Chamber
I have the honour to inform I am the member of the European Arbitration Chamber and arbitrator of The International Commercial Arbitration Court. More info: